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There are many reasons why our Ipanema Earrings have become one of our best selling pieces of all time. Perhaps it’s the story behind the design itself. As Ipanema is known to be one of the most fashionable and vibrant districts in Rio, the Ipanema Earring follows the same sentiment -- an everyday piece that makes a significant impact.

A meticulously custom-cut gemstone is suspended within a simple setting. This not only creates a whimsical kinetic energy within the design but also highlights the craftsmanship of the faceted hand-cut gemstone.    

It’s no wonder why they’ve also become a red carpet staple among our high-profile clients and perhaps an integral part to their success. Amber Heard, Shania Twain, and all the way to funny women like, Sarah Silverman and Julie Bowen have been seen rocking the Ipanema Earrings on red carpets.




Originally part of our Boss Nova collection, the success and timeless nature of the design solidified it a spot in our permanent collection. You can now find them along with our other best selling earrings.  

The Ipanema Earrings are available in either gold or rhodium with a variety of gemstone options. Whether you prefer the healing properties of black onyx, like Sarah Silverman, or the optimistic vibrations of pink chalcedony preferred by Natasha Bedingfield -- there’s a combination for even the most discerning tastes.  



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