Dean Davidson jewelry is constructed with just as much passion and attention to detail as it’s conceptualized. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted and made from the highest quality materials, with a warranty that promises a lifetime of wear. 

Celebrate every unique corner of the world with DD, where style has no limits and jewelry is always one-of-a-kind.


Creating timeless jewelry with a global perspective, Dean Davidson is known for careful craftsmanship, hand-cut gemstones, and a signature brushed finish. Rooted in Canada and inspired by world travels, the brand’s story is as remarkable as the designs themselves.

Dean spent his early life on Canada’s vast farmland, surrounded by natural beauty and gifted the freedom to explore. Straying from the norm to follow his innate creativity and knack for entrepreneurship, Dean shifted from a career in agriculture to founding his own jewelry brand. This choice would lead him to travel the globe and adorn prominent figures in his designs.

Travel is at the very heart of the Dean Davidson brand -- Balinese basket weaving, the bamboo forest of Kyoto, and Brazil’s otherworldly sand dunes have all served as inspiration, resulting in pieces that encapsulate the wonder gained from Dean's experiences.


Dean Davidson jewelry is designed in our Toronto studio. Every piece is hand-sketched in-house and sampled to perfect each design, producing iconic, signature features.  

Dean partnered with a family-owned workshop of artisans early on in the brand’s foundation. Located in Jaipur, India, a global hub for jewelry manufacturing, the multigenerational workshop specializes in fine jewelry and has created jewelry for the royal family of Jaipur.  They cut every gemstone by hand according to Dean’s original designs, marrying time-honored tradition with forward-thinking aesthetics.  

“What sets us apart is our dedication to creating timeless, classic pieces that transcend trends and age.”

- Dean Davidson, CEO + Creative Director