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Enamel Jewelry

Step into the vibrant world of enamel jewelry. Our best-selling designs are now available with bright and colourful finishes, guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go. Understand enamel, tips on how to style and how to care for them.

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Introducing a New Way to Wear Colour

We chose enamel to bring vibrant colour and energy to our jewelry. With its rich technique and detailed craftsmanship, our hand-painted enamel pieces stand out, adding a fresh and unique touch to any look.

What is Enamel?

Enamel is a coating used on metal jewelry. It begins as a paste or powder and is heated to over 1500 degrees, fusing the metal and powder together. This process creates vibrant colors that can't be achieved with metal alone.

The technique of applying enamel to jewelry has been practiced for centuries across various cultures worldwide. Enamel jewelry is celebrated for its durability and long-lasting quality, as the enamel layer shields the underlying metal from scratches and tarnish.

How To Style Enamel

Pair with plain metal

Pair enamel with solid gold or silver pieces to add a touch of sophistication and enhance the enamel's vibrant colours. The combo of the metal and enamel gives you a chic and standout look with ease.


Neutral Colours

Add a pop of colour to your neutral clothes. It's easy – you can start small with a minimalist enamel pendant or go all in with bold and colourful statement earrings. Let the accessories transform your outfit.


Contrasting Colours

For a colour crush, you can create a contrasting look using colours that make each other more intense, creating a powerful and vibrant contrast. It’s like black and white, but more energetic.


How to Care for Enamel

To maintain the vibrant color of your enamel jewelry, gently clean with warm water, a mild liquid soap, and a soft cloth. Like our other jewelry, store in a cool, dry, and dark location to maintain its shine. Keep away from harsh chemicals, perfumes, detergents, and chlorine.

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